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ΣΥΜΠΟΣΙΟ "Το Ψηφιακό Περιβάλλον στη Μουσική"

The symposium was oganised by the Panteion University and IEMA in the frame of MINSTREL project and the Summer Academy of Corfu University. It covered the broad subject of digitization and its impact on the music industry. Four subthemes were developed:

  1. Agents and processes in the production of culture
  2. Music Making, Music Industry and the digital environment: Trends and prospects
  3. Music industry and social networking – A web-based experiment
  4. Copyright and music

The need for a further understanding of the impact of new technologies (and mainly digitization) was felt from the beginning of the project by all partners. Cultural production is a social activity influenced by the macro and micro environment of individuals, groups and firms. The environment changes with digitization and agents (e.g. entrepreneurs) take advantage of new technologies to create new products and services (e.g. Spotify). Understanding of new legal issues (e.g. those concerning copyright), new consumer behavior patterns and new firm and market strategies, among others, is paramount and the symposium contributed in that direction.

Place: Greece, Corfu, Department of Music Studies, Ionian University,

Date, 19/07/2015, 10"00-14:00


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