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In 1995, IEMA, based on the extensive material acquired and experience already collected, inaugurated a special project concerning Music Information in Greece aiming to:


Archival material of GMIC-GMDC

The documentation archive is the richest available in Greece, numbering 10.000 records in digital form and available through searchable databases on the Internet (for the moment only in Greek). It consists of:

Internet Music Site

IEMA has set up an internet site to serve the Greek Music Information Centre ( It incorporates archival material, databases, sound samples, scores etc., in the form of searchable databases, as well as a mailing list server, information on musical events, links and news-letters.

Archives of Composers

A wide collection of Greek Composers material is available. Analytical bios and work catalogues, scores (physical and digitized), sound material, concert programs, videos etc.

Music Information Newsletters

IEMA/GMIC publishes weekly electronic Newsletters containing information about concerts, competitions, festivals, publications etc.