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Music Technology Lab

The use of new technology characterizes IEMA's activities. The Institute's staff is specialized in this field providing the appropriate experience and know-how for the successful realization of the projects.

In addition, IEMA's facilities include a sound studio similar to those of other European organizations technically equipped for multi-channel digital recording and sound editing, sound synthesis, sound analysis, audio mastering, algorithmic composition, music scoring, music performance, sound installations, video synchronization and video editing. It owns most of the leading software packages currently available for composition, synthesis, editing and analysis of audio and musical material. It also supports IEMA's research activities, along with any individual research initiatives

Music Technology Lab

The studio provides the basis for:

At the studio one can find 3 workstations with digital sound processing cards of CD quality and the possibility of hard-disk recording, live electronic music systems, MIDI, DAT recorders etc. In addition, IEMA has developed its own music software that is used in the studio and is available to the public.

Studio equipment

Recording Studio