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One of the Institute’s main goals is to promote Greek Music. To that end IEMA organized, in December 2001, at the Ministry of Culture, the “1st Pan-Hellenic Symposium on Music Research” (only in Greek). The symposium’s conclusions became the ground-work for a proposition for the digitization, development and promotion of Greek Music Culture.

The Institute's activities can be analyzed as follows:

1. Creation of specialized site dedicated to the promotion of Greek Music

The aim is to promote significant sides of the Greek Music Culture, by tapping the resources the internet provides, in order to attract national and international interest. In the framework of this sub-program a thematic website is planned, which will be the National Web Portal and will comprehensively present Greek Music, in an integrated, documented manner, with detailed presentation of all the expressions of Greek Culture from Antiquity to our days. The portal will host a large amount of representative multimedia material, with informative and educational dimensions in at least two languages. Moreover, the portal will contain information regarding contemporary music life in Greece (organizations, groups, musicians etc.)

2. Production of digital publications for the public and for education

In order to diffuse Greek Music in education as well as abroad, IEMA plans the production of CD-ROMs of specialized thematic approaches of Greek Music Culture. These thematic unities are:
• Music in Ancient Greece
• Music in Byzantine and Post-Byzantine times
• Urban Music – From the “Rebetiko” until today
• Newer and Contemporary Greek Music

The CD-ROMS will be bi-lingual and supported by educational multimedia applications, sound samples, scores, videos, explanatory texts, photos and educational games.