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DMET – Digital Music Education and Training

Culture 2000 Program


DMET was a European project co-funded by the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission (Culture 2000 Program) and was implemented by IEMA in collaboration with 5 other European institutions.

The DMET provided for the development and implementation of a set of targeted actions

a) to acquaint professional musicians (creators, performers, educators, students, etc.) and institutions (music education, production, organization, distribution, etc.) with the new possibilities offered by digital and network technology and

b) to create a "body of knowledge" related to the subject that will help the university and vocational schools to include this subject in their curriculum. .

The ultimate goal of the program was to empower European musicians and businesses - especially small ones - with the right supplies and knowledge to meet the new challenges and take advantage of the opportunities created in the new digital economy.

the IEMA program together with the European bodies:

with the support of

The total budget of the project is approximately 1,000,000 Euros . The project was implemented with the support of the Culture 2000 Program of the European Commission and lasts for three years (10/2005 to 9/2008).



The music sector is governed by significant structural changes. In the new digital economy, significant discontinuities have been created in the content value chain, as it was in the last century. The ability to distribute music online creates new challenges and new opportunities for European music creators. But there are not many writers, composers, artists, who are ready to take advantage of new opportunities to become better known, gain a larger audience and market their work themselves.


The desired results are:

More generally, the project will contribute to the development of innovative approaches to online music at European level and to bridging the gap between cultural policy and the creative industries, by empowering creators.