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Apart from the Program of Digitization, Documentation and Promotion of Greek Music Culture, the Technical University of Athens appointed a team of IEMA associates to come up with a study of the Specifications and Good Practicies for the Digitization of Sound and Music. This study is constituting a principles guide for all the digitizations of sound and music projects that are integrated in the “Information Society” program.

The various sub-propositions and activities have been designed as to constitute an interdependent body with internal synergies. It is a complete proposition for a project undertaken for the first time in Greece and it lays the ground-work for the creation of the National Archive of Greek Music.

The team responsible for the design and implementation of the program is composed by: Kostas Moschos, Nikos Valkanos, Nikos Dionysopoulos, Anargyros Deniozos, Christos Chatzistamou, Yiannis Mourtzopoulos and Foteini Aravani.

The study is available as PDF here: