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Friday: Cultural Center "Dipylo", Kalogerou Samouil 2, Metro Theision (see map)

Saturday: Cultural center Melina Merkouri, Heraklidon 66, Thiseion

The Institute for Research on Music and Acoustics (ΙΕΜΑ) in cooperation with the Department for Culture Media and Communication of the Panteion University organizes on December 19 & 20, 2008, the conference  "The music professional in the digital environment. Trends, challenges and prospects".

The conference is addressed to  to professional musicians, people involved in music distribution, the users as well as digital education professionals.

The conference aims to:
a) explore the issues and problems faced by professional musicians, the music market and the users through the challenges of digital technology and
b) establish an educational framework for professionals in digital music entrepreneurship.

The first day of the conference is open to the public and will include be focused on New Business Models, Copyrights and Contracts Issues and Future Trends and Scenarios in Digital Music.
The second day is dedicated to digital music education and includes training seminars for educators on digital music entrepreneurship.

The conference is realized within the frame of the «Digital Music Education and Training» (Culture 2000) program of the EU.


Day 1: Friday 19/12/2008

13:30-14:00     Conference inscription
14:00-14:15     Session 1      Welcome and Greetings
14:15-15:45     Session 2      New Business models

15:45-16:00      Coffee break
16:00-17:30      Session 3      Intellectual property and contracts

17:30-17:45      Coffee break
17:45-19:15      Session 4          Future trends and scenarios

19:15-19:30      Conference closure

Free Entrance

Day 2: Saturday 20/12/2008

DMET Training of trainers sessions on
education on digital music entrepreneurship


10:00 The DMET curriculum: Scope, objectives, learning outcomes    (mica)
10:30 Economics and the business of music (K. Moschos, M. Kominek)
11:00 Music Industry Business Environment (G.M. Klimis)
11:30 Marketing in the pre-digital and digital era (P. Galuszka)
12:00 Copyright issues (E. Vagena)
12:30 Production of music material (A. Plessas, K. Moschos)
13:00 E-commerce and E-business models (P. Galuszka)
13:30 Light meal
14:00 Case studies on digital distribution and on artist (G. Frigkas)
14:30 Entrepreneurship and strategy (G.M Klimis)
15:00 Future Scenarios (G.M. Klimis)
15:30 Thesis seminar (G. Frigkas)


Conference subscription (for greek participants)


Conference poster


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